Convert OST To PST With A Technically Convenient Tool

If you are a user who works with MS Outlook on a regular basis, you must be very well are of PST and OST files. PST files (Personal Storage Table) are the main storehouse of all the data stored in Outlook. On the other side OST files (Offline Storage Table) are referred as the replica of data stored in Exchange server. OST files come into action when a user wants to work with Outlook in an offline mode. When the user gets online, the OST file synchronize with the Exchange server and all the data changes made are updated.

Necessity To Convert OST to PST

The basic necessity to Convert OST to PST arises when the OST file becomes inaccessible. The main reason behind inaccessibility is the issues which ponder over at the time of synchronization of OST files.As already known, OST files cannot be accessed in the Outlook profile other than for which it was created. This is because OST files are encrypted. During the time of synchronization the decryption key of the Outlook profile is matched with the one present on the server. If both the keys match synchronization takes place, otherwise OST files become inaccessible. There are many other reasons which bring about inaccessibility issues in OST files, common among them are:

  • Corrupted sectors in hard drive of the system.
  • Exchange server is down for time duration.
  • Power failure at the time of synchronization.
  • Disrupted internet connectivity for a long
  • Issues in the current Outlook profile.

Convert OST to PST

If OST files become inaccessible, they cannot be accessed in any other profile other than the one for which it was created. Thus, to make OST file data accessible, a possible way out is to convert OST to PST. As the manual methods are not efficient up to the mark, therefore third party applications like OST Recovery are deployed. The software recovers complete data of OST file and converts it into PST format, thus making it accessible in Outlook.

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